Electrotechnical ceramics

ETI Ceramic applications

Components for fuses

Components for low voltage D and D0 fuse applications

As one of five largest producers of fuses in the world and co-creators of international standards ETI has many years' experience in technical ceramics for fuses and special equipment for large-series production of all ceramic elements in D and D0 fuse systems.
The bodies of fuses, sockets and caps, as well as other insulation segments are manufactured by quartz porcelain C111 in narrow dimensional deviations, allowing an automated assembly processes.

Components for low voltage LV fuses

We are pioneers in the field of NH fuses for protection of battery storage and photovoltaic systems, and railway applications, all of these demanding superior materials and innovative  components’ construction. We manufacture pressed and extruded bodies for low voltage fuses that meet all customers’ technical requirements.  Any specific technical demand could be integrated at the body as well. Components are manufactured in accordance with highly demanding process requests that guarantee the best quality to the customer.
Most of components are manufactured from steatite C221 and mullite C610.


Components for middle voltage MV fuses

We are the world leading supplier of components for MV fuses. Our long-term development process and high-quality technological equipment allows us to be the best quality supplier of ceramic tubes and supports on the market. Our customers enjoy full support in developing of new, technically and technologically demanding tubes and fuse supports. According to customer requests, we are able to finish tubes by several specific designs and various technologies: cutting, grooves grinding, centreless grinding and others.
Most of our tubes are manufactured from high-quality alumina porcelain C120 and C130, with mechanical properties well over standard requests. Ceramic supports can be extruded from quartz porcelain C110, alumina porcelain C120, nonporous cordierite C410 and porous cordierite C520.
Tube surfaces can be glazed in white or brown colour (RAL 8011, 8016 or 8017).

Components for resistors

We can offer different ceramic bodies for resistor applications. Bodies can be manufactured by dry pressing and extrusion technology. We can manufacture several shapes of bodies, such as round tubes, profiled tubes, flat tubes, spiral tubes, potentiometer rings, regulator sockets, etc. When required, we are also able to produce specific shapes using full automatic grinding technologies and optical test of each body.

Our resistor components are made from quartz porcelain C110, alumina porcelain C120, nonporous cordierite C410 and porous cordierite C520 or other special material developed upon customers’ requests.

ETI resistor components are usually found in automotive industry, energy, railway, transport, electronics and other industries.

Components for heaters

We also offer a wide range of components for heating applications, made of steatites and cordierites, and used for applications up to 1300 ˚C. For a limited period of time, these components may be exposed to even higher temperatures. Our materials have remarkable thermal shock resistance and are able to absorb huge temperature differences in a very short amount of time.

Ceramic components can be pressed or extruded. Shape of bodies can be designed according customer requests.

Ceramics for heating applications is produced from porous steatite C230, nonporous cordierite C410 and porous cordierites C520 and C530.

ETI heating components can be found in household appliances, automotive industry, railway technology, transport, immersion heaters, boilers and others.