High temperature applications

High temperature

We manufacture a wide range of components for high temperature applications. Products are made of cordierites (C520 and C530), mullites (C610) and specially developed materials, used for applications up to 1300 ˚C and more. We develop materials with very high thermal shock resistance, components made from these materials can absorb extreme temperature differences in a very short time.

Ceramic components can be manufactured by pressing, extruded or casting technology. We can completely adjust the components’ shape to the customer’s requests.

We are a supplier to various producers in the field of high temperature applications and our products are used as for example:

  • Components for heaters
  • Tubes for immersion heaters
  • Components for measurement, monitoring and control of molten metal processes
  • Sintering furniture for metal sintered processes
  • Kiln furniture and accessories
  • Other components for high temperature applications


Tubes for immersion heaters

We manufacture chemically resistant glazed porcelain tubes for protection of immersion heaters, used in galvanizing baths. Shapes and dimensions of tubes are adapted to individual requests of the customers.

Components for measurement, monitoring and control of molten metal processes

Using extrusion and dry pressing technology we are producing cordierite and alumina oxide components for high temperature measuring instruments. Our components are manufactured within narrow tolerances to enable customer high productive assembling technology and product properties.  
Our ceramics is used as an important protection component of measuring sensors, thermocouples, measuring probes, samplers, sensor caps at customer products.

Sintering furniture for metal sintered processes

We offer a wide range of ceramic refractory components, such as rings, carriers, plates and other shapes of high quality, intended for use in sintering processes in automotive industry. Used in powder metallurgy and metal powder injection moulding technologies, our components enable further cost optimisation for our customers.
Our components are dry pressed and grinded to requested tolerance. They are made of cordierite and mullite ceramics with very high thermal shock resistance. Our material can withstand the extreme cooling process within the requested life time of components.

Kiln furniture and accessories

The cordierite components such as tubes, rods, heater supports, bushings, guides and small plates can be manufactured according to customer design and tolerances.

Other components for high temperature applications

We manufacture small fireproof pots, used in analysers, precisely measuring the contents of carbon and sulphur in various materials. They are made of ceramic material, containing 80% of SiO2.